Shaping the hearts and minds of students by providing an environment in which every individual is cared for spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


To prepare students to become productive and successful global citizens through educating them to read with understanding, write with clarity and purpose, compute accurately, think critically and solve problems.


All students:

- Can learn

- Deserve an equal opportunity to succeed.

- Require a safe environment for learning.

- Need physical emotional and intellectual development.

- Need support from their school, families, and communities to succeed.


- Focus on raising standards of achievement.

- Combine our strengths, by supporting each other to improve results.

- Practice wise management of all resources.

- Act responsibly and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


To create an educational system that will provide all students with knowledge and skills to succeed in college and careers, and as parents and citizens.

To provide high quality education to our students in Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Languages, ICT, Etiquette and Protocol



EIS aims to promote respect, cooperation, communication, and courteous interactions among students, parents, staff, and administration, in order to create a positive learning environment in which an atmosphere of mutual trust is maintained.  Positive attitudes and the development of professional working relationships are essential to the school.

Excellence in teaching and learning

We remain committed to instructional effectiveness that focuses upon student's learning and progression throughout the curriculum.  Professional learning, collaboration, and sharing between staff is encouraged and supported.  All teachers feel responsible for improving their own skills and knowledge in order to improve the educational process.  The school strives to provide opportunities for professional development throughout the year.


To ensure student success, EIS encourages and recognizes the importance of communication among its students, parents, staff and administration.  We uphold a commitment toward effective dialogue between all parties.


Students and staff feel responsible and take pride in their school or place of work.  It is our responsibility to provide a flexible learning environment, attentive to the specific needs of our students.  We are also responsible to prepare students to fulfill their civic responsibility as effective members of society.


EIS is a diverse and evolving environment that promotes excitement and interest in teaching and learning.  We all operate as members of a school community and work as a team in order to promote an effective learning organization.