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Elite International School believes that school should be a place of great enjoyment allowing all of its students the opportunity to explore and develop a wide range of interests. Our extra curricular program is designed to enhance and support the school’s mission and philosophy.


The school encourages each student to become involved and participate responsibly in this program. Competition as well as cooperative opportunities are provided to meet the various needs and interests of students. Participation in the extra-curricular program presents students with the means of developing their leadership skills and heightening their awareness of the need to render service to others. 


Fieldwork plays an important role in enriching and expanding other areas of the curriculum at Elite International School. A major advantage of the Fieldwork approach is that it emphasizes the unity and coherence of the curriculum and demands the use of skills, knowledge and evidence drawn from a wide range of disciplines.

At Elite International School, there are three main areas for developing the practice of fieldwork:

Fieldwork within the school or school grounds.

Fieldwork in the vicinity of the school.

Fieldwork within a day’s campus would require transport and provide a wide range of opportunities such as visiting a museum; a historical site, Equestrian Club, Plant Nursery.... etc.

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