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Parent Partnership

Parents are our partners in the education process. We believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in addressing children’s developmental, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. We strongly believe that by working in partnership, we can successfully enrich your child’s journey.


EIS lines of Communication:

Communication during this process is very crucial, and our “open door” policy enables parents to meet with us at any stage. Furthermore, EIS lines of communication are wide open facilitating this fundamental approach i.e. student’s planner, school web portal, school website, and telephone communication and scheduled parents meetings.

Keeping parents in the loop regarding their child's progress is an essential part of what we do. For instance, assessment results, behavior achievement and concerns are shared regularly to keep track of your child’s improvement.

Daily communication between parents and staff is a very important part of our program.

Your child’s planner and the school website need to be checked every day for homework assignments or any messages / announcements from school.

All homework assignments should be completed and notes should be sent if your child has any difficulty in finishing any assignment.  

Parents are required to sign the planner daily to indicate that the homework was noted and done and acknowledge any notes/ circulars.

Teachers will check all diaries on a daily basis to make certain that all parents’ notes are replied to.

EIS newsletter will be sent out, keeping parents up to date with all school important dates as well as upcoming events, etc.

You can leave your feedback, queries, and suggestions by filling the available form.



Together we can certainly achieve more!

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